4 Simple Tips To Enjoy City Trips Without Planning

Usually it is very helpful if you plan your trip properly, but sometimes it is really stressful planning what to see first etc. For example when I was in London, I tried to plan the perfect trip to avoid detours when seeing landmarks. I printed the tube map, noted down when to see what and it was more like a big to- do list which need to be done by the end of the day. After my first trip I tried another tactic to explore cities, which was more fun and I got even more to see than usually!

  • So first of all, of course it is helpful to research some important landmarks of the city but do no more than just research the important landmarks, unless you already know them!

Now, here are my favourite methods to explore a city:

  1. So, here it goes: When you arrive and start exploring, go to souvenir shops or any shop which sells post cards of the city and ask the shop man where this sight is and how to get there
  2. When you stay in a hostel, talk with other guests of the hostel about what they have already seen and what they want to see! Maybe you will get to a place you didn’t expect it would be existent in this city AND you will get to know some new people and maybe make new friends
  3. Talk with citizens, when you are shopping – ask the vendors if they have a favourite restaurant, club or anything. You also may get some informations about that place like dresscodes or how to get in the club easier or something
  4. My last method ( I would only recommend this to groups, because you never know where you’ll be ): Just walk around, enjoy the city and you may find an interesting shop, building, restaurant or anything else there! And you will feel very happy that you found this place on your own

I tried those methods when I was in Barcelona with my girls and when I was in Hamburg all by myself. When I was in Barcelona we got some very helpful tips about the nightlife in Barcelona and when I was in Hamburg I had the best burger with good company and the nicest service in a restaurant! It is also a good strategy to overcome your shyness 😉

Well, I wish I could have seen this landmark of Sweden...
Well, I wish I could have seen this landmark of Sweden…

Try this on your next trip and I would love to hear what you experienced with those tips!

Love you my moonies and sunnies,

Thùy Luna