NYE In Stockholm

Usually I hate planning New Year’s Eve because there is always this pressure to do SOMETHING that day/night. Since I’ve always wanted to spend New Year’s Eve somewhere else than my hometown, I decided to go to Stockholm with a friend. We were only two people because no one wanted to go Northern Europe, they said it’s cold enough in Germany, why do you need to go somewhere colder?

Well, I was going anyway and we also visited Riga after that. I didn’t bring any cash with me, because my friend said we can pay by card, the problem was, that I forgot my PIN  Code there and I didn’t brought any cash with me, so in the end he always had to pay for me ( of course I paid him back when we were in Germany). Since that time I still don’t know my PIN Code from my credit card haha.

Swedish food is very good and all the restaurants we were trying were pretty good and also the food markets. I think I’ve never spend so much money on food in this short period!

Stockholm is a really nice city but I would recommend going there in summer, because after 3 pm it’s already getting dark and I got a feeling like no ones on the street after 4 pm.

Even though we were’t during christmas time there, it must be beautiful! We still had the feeling that it was Christmas, because the city and the food malls ( YES THEY HAVE FOOD MALLS OMG I AM SO IN LOVE WITH SWEDISH FOOD ) were so beautifully decorated! All the lights were shining so amazing…