Nails are like your business cards


I have worked in a Nails Studio ( so typical asian haha ) for a short time and I have always been loving nail polishes – I could open an own nails studio if I want to haha. Nails have always been important to me, I don’t like chipping nail polishes, when I wear nail polishes and I see a liiiiiiiiiitle bit is chipping off, I immediately have to take all of my nail polish off and put on a new nail polish. I am very peaky in that point.

But clean, neat nails are not only for women, it counts for men too !!!! A guy can be a 10 and hot as hell but if his nails are dirty and not neat, I won’t even let come near to me I swear. And I think guys think the same way too.

Nails are like your business cards, I think every company is looking for people, who have a neat appearance. Especially if you work a lot with customers, neat nails are somehow professional too. I remember when I was a sales assistant in a jewelry shop and I needed to show male customers how a ring looked like on a female finger or a watch looked on a female wrist and they always said: ‘Wow, you have nice nails and the ring looks good, I’m gonna buy this ring!’ No joke! I mean, have you EVER seen an advertisement where the models had ugly nails? NO!

The general view is very important, there might be people who do not pay much attention on nails but image you will meet a person like me – and I will dumb you just because you had ugly, disgusting nails on the date or you will not get the job because I think you do not suit into the company because I think you are a sloppy person because of your nails.

This is just my opinion.


T. L.

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