Things I Want To Learn In 2016

I am someone who is interested in everyone and everything but it is really hard for me to keep going with the things I just started to learn, BUT I will still give it a try every time because I really like to learn and improve it. What am I talking about? I am talking about the things I wanted to learn and started to learn but then I dropped it because of school or work or something else.


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Pho – Vietnamese noodle Soup

I would say I can cook, but I cannot cook as well as my mother, that is why I want to learn cooking form my mother. I want to learn how to cook especially vietnamese food because I can already cook european dishes. And mama’s food is the best food! I definitely need to learn how to cook  my favorite vietnamese noodle dishes !


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Does this count as photographing a product? I shot this in Croatia in Roving

One of my personal goals for 2016 was to put more energy in my blog because I felt like I wasn’t very committed about it. I really love my blog, but last year I think I just made some lousy excuses just to let my blog down. But this year is going to be different and that is also why I want to improve my photography skills. I love photography in general, but I used to photograph landscapes and people, now I want to learn how to photograph products.


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I made this alice band with flowers
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I love drawing too


My dream is to do a job where I can be creative. I love drawing and handicraft work and I want to improve my skills, that means I want to draw more and just improving what I can already do and purchase more handicraft products to produce my own products, such as cards and so on … Hopefully it’s going to look good and I can open a stationery shop one day. Or just any shop where I can sell my selfmate products. And I love drawing too, I used to draw everyday for hours, until my parents forbid me to draw, because they wanted me to study more.

What do you guys want to learn this year ?

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