February : Failures Give Me Strength

We all experience failure, but in the end success depends on whether or not we stood up after we fall. I’ ve had a lot of failures in different parts of my life, whether it is about my private life or my career.

But today I am speaking of failures in career life. The first time I got fired was at a job at bakery, the owner said I was too timid to sell buns …. Mhhh, okay, at that time I really was very shy and I could understand it that time. It was my first job and I was sad somehow because I wanted to earn money by myself. This was 8 years ago and since then every job I had, it was always me who resigned. When I was 15 I told myself after the dismissal, that I will never ever get fired again and I will show the owner of the bakery that I can change. And I did show her. I got a job as a sales assistant in a fashion shop and I learned there a lot.
I was and I still am very ambitious, so when I got fired a few months ago, it felt like when I was 15 again. Except it wasn’t a bakery, it was a big company and it was because of the same reason: I am too shy. I was so disappointed for a moment but over the time I learned to value myself and I knew this reason was not true. I mean, I worked for 6 YEARS as a sales assistant and I was also a shop manager, how the hell can I be still shy ?!
Anyway, this dismissal was a punch in my face but I always have a plan. And I am not someone who sits in their apartment the whole week and cry about how shitty my life is. No, I get my ass up and concentrate myself on things I have always wanted to do and just do it. It may not be the perfect resolution for the future, but right now, this failure experience gives me strength and the motivation to concentrate myself on other things like blogging, drawing, spending more time with friends and my studies.

My goal is once again to never ever get fired again and that is also why I want to establish my own company. Failures give me the strength to set new goals and gain more motivation. Failures also let me reflect about myself more intensely and motivates me to think about how I can do things better.

If you experience failure, no matter what kind of, of course you can be sad and disappointed, but don’t cry too long! A lot of opportunities will pass by if you’re crying too long at home about your bad life. My two tips for you are:

I. Set your goals anew so you will have new motivation to do what you want. It doesn’t have to be completely a new goal, a little adjustment is also enough.

II. Concentrate on other things. What I mean by that is, that there are certainly things you have always wanted to do but you couldn’t because you were always working. For me, it is blogging, reading, drawing and doing handicrafts. After a while you are ready again to get back on track and work for your dream.

Sorry for this long post! But it happens just once a month 😉

How did you handle your failures in the past ? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

T. Luna