My 3 Favorite Blogs I Found Through Bloglovin

I would still say I am pretty new to this blogging world, therefore I am very curious and like to browse in the internet what kind of bloggers are here, what do they blog about and what do their blog design look like. I also want to spend more time in blogging because I love to write and share my thoughts with you.

While browsing through the internet looking for more inspirations, I came across Bloglovin’ – I have never heard about it before but this platform is awesome! You can follow every blog you find in the internet on Bloglovin’ ! Of course they have to be registered in this platform but if they are you can follow every blog from different platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Youtube and many more blogging platforms!

I really Bloglovin’ and of course I also created an account for Luna And Soul – go follow me! 🙂

I spent hours and hours on Bloglovin’ because it is so interesting and there are so many wonderful bloggers I have never heard of ! Here are my top 3 favorite blogs I found on Bloglovin, these are only 3 because I am 24/7 on their website to read their articles and they are always the first blogs I am looking for when I open Bloglovin

I. A Girl, Obsessed

This was the first blog on Bloglovin’ I found very inspirational and also interesting! Mandy blogs about beauty and about how to become a better blogger. She already helped me a lot with her inspirational blog posts! She also blogs about fashion, photography and a lot more, but I like her posts about beauty and blogging tips the most.


This blog is about every day struggles in women’s business world. They also blog about beauty and lifestyle but I love the career category the most! I love their tips! They also have an app for their blog now, but it is only available at the apple store right now, I hope they will launch a version for android soon!


This woman has so many tips for social media growth! Since I want to work in the social media marketing branch and start my own business later these tips are very helpful! I love her website design as well!

Please go check their blogs if you are a career girl and if you want to push your blog! They all have great tips and are so inspirational! I hope they will come up with a book, I would definitely buy it!

What are your favorite blogs? Or who is your favorite blogger? Let me know in the comments!

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T. Luna