Follow Me On My Asian Adventures!

By the time you read that post I will be up in the sky heading to my home country Vietnam in Asia right now! I will stay there for 3 weeks before I will fly to Shanghai and live there for 4 months to study abroad! I am so excited! I wanted to study and live in a different city since I graduated, I don’t count Ratisbon really as living in a different city because I came back home almost every weekend and lived more in Munich than in Ratisbon.

But this time I will live China while my family and friends will be in Germany – I won’t be able to visit them whenever I want! I am looking forward to it but at the same time I am a little nervous about my semester abroad.

However, I hope you will follow me on my journey studying abroad – of course we all know studying abroad means a lot of parties and traveling around the country haha. I will post daily on Snapchat and Instagram, so follow me there, they are both @thuyxluna and of course I won’t let my blog down, you can still expect weekly blogposts from me, especially travel blogposts!

If you have any recommendations for me what I should definitely see in China, comment below!

I also want to visit these following cities:

  • Hong Kong

  • Taipei

  • Tokyo

  • Singapore

  • Seoul

Unfortunately I won’t be able to visit every city from my Asia Bucket List Post but I added Tokyo to my list. I hope everything goes well and I will be able to visit at least these 5 cities. So if you have some places I should definitely visit in the listed cities let me know! Via Snapchat, on my blog, via mail or Instagram, Facebook and so on, I will read them all and consider it to my planning … I will be very thankful!