Kyo Chon ( Shanghai )

Kyo Chon is a Korean restaurant, which is internationally famous for its chicken. Usually I don’t like fried chicken like the ones from KFC but this one is so good! There is not too much flour on it and the skin is so crispy! I chose the honey fried chickens twice and I ordered chicken Bulgogi too. It is very spicy, but if you don’t like it too spicy, just tell them!

There are different kind of series, such as salsas, soy garlic and red peppers, so you have a wide range of taste to choose :).

Kyo Chon is located in different areas in Shanghai, I went to 大学路 , which is located near the 复旦大学. Daxue Lu is the famous street and hotspot for students for going out to have dinner or drinks.

Just google, if you have Kyo Chon in your country! It’s worth a visit!


288 Daxue Lu, near Jinjian Lu

大学路288号, 近锦建路