My Thoughts In November: I Can’t Wait Anymore

December is finally here and that also means the end of 2016! I can’t believe how fast it went, I am excited and sad as well for 2017, because when 2016 is over, it’s also time to go back to Germany. But it’s also a wonderful thing to come home!

I wish I could skip December, it just feels strange spending Christmas in a foreign country – but I am going to the beach on Christmas! With a very close friend I got to know when I came to Shanghai. It will be still cold there, but I am looking forward to it, Qingdao was a German colony and now I hope that they have a lot of German Christmas feels there!

Usually I never wish that time should pass by faster because I think time is just too precious and I don’t want to fast forward time, otherwise I would might miss something. If I would be able to fast forward the time, then I would already have experienced all the things I should, right? But sometimes I wonder if I would remember the moments I fast forwarded… Do you understand my logic? I know, I’m strange.

Anyways, I am still brooding over my ideas how to realize them and I am so excited to come back to Germany to see my wardrobe, my make up and just everything which is my life. It may sound weird, but really, I’m living out of a suitcase since August and I feel kind of incomplete, just because I don’t have full access to my stuff.

Also, if you don’t follow me on Social Media: I am also finally on youtube! It now sounds as if everyone is saying that, but I wanted to start youtube and blogging for a long time – I just didn’t start because I didn’t believe in myself enough, but now I do and I hope I can entertain you and give you good tips on beauty !

That’s all I have on my mind this month! Tell me, how was your year so far?