The Benefits Of Loving Yourself

Self love is a very important topic to me because I used to hate myself and lacked a lot of self confidence, which made it easier for other people to influence me, not only in a good but also in a bad way. I just want to talk about it with you how to love yourself and why it is important.

You should be able to love yourself first, before you start loving other people.

If you don’t love yourself and go into a relationship, you start living for the other person, not for yourself and you strongly depend on the other person to give the love back to you. This is what I experienced and it took me some time to get to the point where I love myself in a healthy way ( by ‘in a healthy way’ I mean I don’t love me that much so that I ignore everything else, for example criticism which could help me to improve myself. ). This case does also apply to friendships  as well or any other kind of relationships, you will always need compliments and confirmations from other people that you are great and it can be exhausting, I have some friends like that. I don’t want to be mean but fishing for compliments is something you can do from time to time but it can be annoying after a while. 

Self love makes you independent from other people’s opinion and love.

Of course everyone needs love, but sometimes the love from other people is not enough for you and that is where you need enough love for yourself to deal with it. Loving yourself has a lot to do with accepting and appreciating yourself, not only your good sides but also your flaws. Don’t try to hide your flaws, try to get along with them and focus on your positive characteristics.

A positive mindset is  probably the most important part of self -love and I already wrote a blogpost about having a positive mindset here. A positive mindset can change your whole attitude on situations, problems and how you handle them but also how you see yourself and if you accept yourself or not.

Spending time alone contributes to develop self- love.

Take your time to enjoy yourself and do the things you love to do. I traveled to Hamburg and that was the point when I started to fully accept myself and enjoyed life a lot more. I felt great deciding everything by myself and didn’t need to take care of others, I just needed to make me happy.

It is hard sometimes to love yourself, especially when everything goes wrong in your life but believing in yourself helps you to handle difficult situations better. Bad comments from other people can make you feel insecure and it starts a spiral of negativity in your head and this can affect your way of handling it. Don’t let bad opinions affect you but accept criticism to improve your better self.

Everything goes hand in hand in my opinion, a positive mindset comes in with self confidence and that comes in with self -love and the other way round.

What are your thoughts on self-love and how do you deal with your insecurities?