My Year In Words

How many times did I say how fast time flies? It was a turbulent year and I am looking forward to 2018- To be honest, I was looking forward to 2018 since I was 18, just because it is my favourite number, but let’s recap 2017 first:


I want to start with the less happy things this year because I want a happy ending at the end of this blogpost. The big down for me was probably going back to Germany and realising, how much my so called friends changed or didn’t change. Throughout this year I had to sort out so many people in my life and in the beginning it hurt me a lot, but now I am very happy, that I am not around them anymore, because I am actually building the life I really want.

I had to learn not to look back at things or people who have hurt you- my favourite quote in this year which described my situations most of the time perfectly is:

oppressed anger is like taking poison and expecting the other one to die

This is so true and I’ve spent sleepless and depressed nights because I’ve wasted so many thoughts on people who didn’t even deserve a thought of me, but you can only learn from failures and mistakes.

I also thought a lot about my life, probably too much and I went to a phase of depression for a short time and in the beginning of the year it was hard for me to get out of it. Now I am in the middle of my bachelor thesis and it is exhausting as well, but one reason, why I already love 2018 so much, is because I will be done with my studies forever!


My absolute highlight was definitely that I finally started to do A LOT more what I love.

First of all, I began to be more active as a blogger and got to know so many people, I am especially thankful for Nathalie, from Fashiondeluxxe, she basically introduced me into this life as a ‘real blogger’. Through her I got the chance to experience how it’s like to visit events and to connect to other people. Before that I’ve always just blogged for myself and never made any big attempts to become a more successful blogger. I am so grateful to have this chance to meet amazing people!

My second highlight was definitely the launch of my online shop LUNAMIÈRE, I was overwhelmed by the support I’ve received and there is far more to come and I have big plans for my shop next year!

Another big up was for me that an old acquaintance introduced me to a special book and since that, I started to read again, especially a lot about self-development, communication, success, career, and so on. I have read those kind of books before, but I never really thought deeply about the phrases they wrote in the book, now I do reflect a lot more about their statements. These books made me think more about my surroundings and analyse why certain situations are like how they are and how I can change them. All in all reading books changed my thinking in a positive way and I am more in control of my thoughts than ever.


I met a lot of new people this year and also finally made it to meet some people I haven’t seen for years! This year was incredible and I am thankful for every experience, they just made me stronger and more positive and I am starting the new year with only positive vibes!

How was your 2017? I wish you a great start into 2018- let’s make it the best year!