Why To Let It Go

Is it just me or are you also thinking of the song ‘let it go’ from the movie Frozen every time you hear ‘let it go’?

But that’s not the topic today, today I want to talk with you about the people who disappointed you and made you angry. Even if you don’t talk to them and don’t see them anymore, you still get angry every time you think of them. It’s hard to forget someone who meant so much to you, but I’m telling you, that there’s a reason why these people are in your past. Don’t hold back the anger about them, it will only consume your time and energy thinking about them and imagining situations, which will never exist. If you feel like you have to speak it out loud, do it. It doesn’t have to be directly to the person you know, but writing your feelings down is enough as well.

Don’t cry over people or the time you’ve spent with them, I’m sure there was a good time too – I think you just grew out of the way they think and live their life. Everyone who steps into your life is either a blessing or a lesson.

Always remind yourself that you deserve the people who love you and want to stick around with you.

2018 is young and believe in the good things that will happen to you! The world is big and there are plenty of people to meet and share experiences and memories with