I still can’t believe it

Hello my sparks,

as you may already know, I was looking forward to 2018 since 2011 ( the year when I went 18 because 18 is my favourite number ) and it is great so far! Not only am I done soon with my studies, I have also found an apartment and I am SO excited to move in!!!!!! I still can’t believe it, Munich is so expensive and the situation here is crazy with searching for apartments! But I’m lucky that I’ve found the perfect apartment only one month after searching. Of course I had some rejections, not many, because I only visited the apartments I really wanted to have but after the first rejection I really thought that I will never find a flat because everyone told me how hard it is to find something in Munich. Finding a new home was also one of my big goals for 2018 this year and I am so happy that I can finally check it off my list! I can’t wait to decorate my home and have dinner with my friends there!

Another big goal which I can check off is finding a permanent job. My boss offered me to continue to work at my current job after finishing my studies and of course I said yes because I love it so much to work there. I don’t think that it’s naturally that you work at a place where you love every colleague and your boss. I am very grateful for having such an understanding and supporting boss, my working colleagues are somehow like a patchwork family to me. I’m excited to work there full time as well, even tho I already know how it is to work there but I’m kinda looking forward to see them every day haha.

Everything feels so right lately and I still can’t believe my luck – I have exciting projects regarding blogging and my online shop as well and I really want to work on every single project immediately but I still have some exams to prepare for 😦

But as always, time flies by so fast and so many things are happening already, I still have to rearrange my thoughts and control my excitement about everything!

How is your 2018 so far?

Photos by Christian Habel