My Worst Dates Ever

Valentine’s Day is here and I have never felt the urge to have date on this day because it never had a big meaning to me- you can always have a date, why has it to be on February 14th?

Anyways, dates can be a wonderful amusement or bring up very inconvenient and awkward situations. I didn’t have many dates but the few I had, were most of the times a fail… I would say… Here is my story time for you, and I hope it will make you feel glad, that you don’t have a date today! And if you have one, then I wish you a lot of fun!


I went out for dinner with a guy and he was reeeeallyyyyy handsome and we had fun, but when it came to pay the bill, he went to the toilet for a reeeeeallyyyyy long time, so I paid for both us. I never expect from the male part to pay my dinner, but I would have never expected that I had to pay for him haha. When he came out, I told him that I paid for both us ( I mean he took quite a while in the toilet… ) and all he said was: ”Oh you shouldn’t have done that!”

We also met a second time and I should have known better and these dates didn’t went better. We stopped contacting each other and three years later he texted me again- I pretended to not know him and I guess it scratched his ego that I forgot such a handsome man.


I don’t even know where to start… My absolute NO NO GO on a date ( or in general ) is someone who is late. And it’s even worse if the person doesn’t think about telling you that they are late. This was the beginning of the most awkward date ever in my opinion. Not only did he tell me that he loves Asian girls in a weird way ( side note: it’s a big turn off for me and probably for the rest of my Asian girl gang when a white dude tells you that he loves Asian girls – go get your fetish somewhere else please ) he also apparently had a lot of self esteem which borders almost on arrogance. We had ice cream and there was a piece of waffle on his lips and while he was talking I thought about if I should tell him that he had food on his lips or not. He thought that I wanted to kiss him and asked me directly if I wanted to and I said no but he insisted on that and thought I was totally into him… But I was gone before he could even spell the A in Asian.


Ok, actually it was a really nice guy BUT, first of all he lied about his height. He said he was 175 cm but he was probably 165 cm or even smaller. It was a pretty cool date but the amount of salivary he produced was just too obvious. So after the first date I told him that it would just not work out and he told me that I broke his heart and so on… Yeah after the first date.

I am pretty sure that there are people who had worse dates than this, but these were my personal worst dates… So tell me about your worst dates!

BTW, I am not a fashionblogger and this dress is from missguided and the jewelry is from LUNAMIÈRE – these products are not available yet! But there are more cute and elegant pieces there!