Beautiful Chaos In Marrakech

Next check: Marrakech

2018 is doing good to me, I’ve already ticked off three things of my list for this year in such a short time and now I can also check the next one: Marrakech!

Morocco is a different world even though it’s chaotic as Asia, but this country is chaotic in a different way: It’s a chaotic chaos while in Asia it’s a decent chaos… I really can’t describe this country otherwise. I thought I would get along with the Moroccan chaos because I know it from my home country but I did feel kind of uneasy sometimes. The people there are not very open at the first glance in my opinion but once you break the ice, they are super friendly, helpful and even funny.

Overwhelming Impressions with a beautiful sunset and orange juice

The first day was full of acoustic and visual impressions, it was very overwhelming. The big market place and heart of Marrakech Jemaa El Fna was the first place we visited after we arrived. It’s a vibrant place and I didn’t know where to look, there where so many fruit stands, snake charmer, people with hawks and monkeys, vendors and other people. To get some distance of this crowded place we went to one of the rooftops at the market place to watch everything from above and to enjoy the beautiful sunset and some orange juice – the perfect ending for the first day!

Cornflower- blue and orange

The second day we went to Le Jardin Majorelle, with the biggest cactuses I’ve ever seen! 1980 Yves Saint Laurent bought this little oasis to relax and get some inspiration for his legendary fashion. I suggest to go there early, otherwise it will be super crowded by noon. The blue accents throughout the garden is really beautiful and I wish I could have spent more time there but our time was limited and it was too crowded anyway. Next to the garden is the YSL museum, a must- visit if you love fashion! I’m not a fashion freak but I always want to know where creative and successful people like Yves Saint Laurent get their inspiration and it was very interesting for me to get to know the history of YSL.

A slippery walk to the Ouzoud Waterfalls

On the third day we decided to visit the Atlas Mountains and the Ouzoud Waterfalls, which is only one hour away from Marrakech and worth the visit. There was one moment when I realized that I am too short for trekking as an activity: When I slipped on a stone and almost fell into the river, but thankfully a tour guide could catch me, so only my left foot was completely wet and it felt so nasty to keep walking in my shoes. That’s the reason why I couldn’t enjoy the view for a 100 percent, but I still liked it.

A white walk over the Bahia Palace

The Bahia Palace is in the middle of the city and worth the visit! The floor tiles in the palace blazed in the sun and it just looked amazing! And of course it’s a very good place for photos haha. To get there we walked through the Berber Market and it’s a lot more relaxed than at Jemaa El Fna, people don’t come at you all the time to sell you something, I really enjoyed walking through the small souks.

Cute Cafés And Restaurants

Offside the big market there are many cafés which are very cute and also a good place to eat – here is my list of cafés which was recommended by others to me or which I tried out myself:

  • Café Des Épices : 75, Rahba Lakdima, Marrakech Médina MA
  • Nomad Café : 1, Der Aarjan, Marrakech Médina MA
  • Shtatto : 81, Derb Nkhal, Rhaba Lakdima, Marrakech Médina MA
  • Le Jardin : 32, Souk Sidi Abdelaziz, Marrakech Médina MA
  • La Porte du Monde :
  • Pepenero: This is kind of an insider I guess because it’s super hidden and only opens in the evening – it was closed when we went there, but I would recommend going there only if you’re a big group! I can imagine it can be scary if you go by yourself there at night time

Marrakech was an exciting trip for me, I saw a lot and learned a lot as well- also thanks to our host Youssef from Riad Sidi Ayoub! I loved it at his place!

My tip for you is to travel in a bigger group to Marrakech – I definitely felt safer with two boys traveling with us because in Marrakech men tend to stand in groups in corners of the souks and just stare at you when you pass by and if I would have been on my own I wouldn’t have enjoyed my stay like I did with my friends. Also be aware of people trying to talk to you and trying to show you the way – I heard a lot about people being lured into corners and then had to pay to get out of this situation. There are also many pickpocket gangs, be aware of them as well! Most of the time they follow you for a while to check you out before they decide to steal your money, smartphone, etc.

But don’t let fear stop you from discovering amazing places and amazing people – Believe in the good things in life and good things will come to you!

Have you been to Marrakech? And how was your first impression of this city?